'Avengers: Endgame' Earns an Astronomical $350 Million at the Weekend Box Office, $1.2 Billion Globally -- the Biggest Opening in Movie History

Disney and Marvel Studios have been used to win box office fees over the weekend when their titles are released. You can see free disney movies for free.

Avengers: Endgame, close to the Infinity Saga, which focused on the creation of the Avengers and their battle with Thanos for Infinity Stones, grossed an estimated 350 350 million over the weekend and 1.2 billion worldwide. Today's biggest opening weekend.

That's the number that completely broke the previous film's record in the Avengers: Infinity and Ranch franchise (7,257.6 million) and is the first domestic film to gross more than 300 300 million in its opening weekend.

The weekend is given more incredible when the end game has three hours, trying to stay away from large studios due to the low number of daily movie screenings in theaters. The result, however, shows how much the audience wanted the film, as his acting completely changed the way the industry worked, to the satisfaction of the filmmakers.

It all goes back to the final game recipes, which went so high that they paralyzed the servers of many cinema websites and made the leader of the fundraiser a "nalain" waiting room "to create a movie nalain movie waiting room". Has been done.) For the fundraiser, it was the best-selling day in history, nuclear tickets and other theater sites that could keep up with the demand for business records.

By the end of this week, AMC Theaters, the world's largest theater chain, announced that Disney will sell many of its theaters in the US within 24 hours, as Disney will post endgames on more than 4,600 screens (most) hours. Will be open for more than. Weekend. The series also reports that the film will break 58,000 records this week - 10,000 more than the previous Infinite War record. (Over the weekend, AMC put that number into more than 63,000 seasons, resulting in the series hosting 6.6 million guests on Saturday.)

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But the excitement for the final was not limited to the States. Audiences could not wait for the film to open internationally. In China, the second-largest market, Endgame has raised US ક 107 million on its opening day in the Central Kingdom. Took dollars. This is by far the best solo performance for a Hollywood release in China. (This was the film's biggest 3D opening ever. 45% of the film's global sales came from 3D ticket sales.)

Previous U.S. In, Endgame broke what was seen in the store over the weekend Former record holder Star Wars: Force Awakens (Aw 57 million) broke the ડો 156.7 million (including Thursday's preview), breaking the million dollar on Thursday's preview show. Is the biggest single for the film ($ 119 million provided by Force ak Cannes).

On Saturday, the film grossed 10 9,109 million, breaking the second record ંત 82.1 million for Best Opening on the second day of Infinity War. And if you preview Thursday, the endgame was gone, the film performed better on Saturday than on its opening night.

Although some in the industry suspected earlier this week that a three-hour playoff opening could block the  300 million opening air, she dropped the film from the brand and went through it. Estimated million 350 million. That's up from the previous record holder Infinity War, up from 7 257.6 million last year to over 92 92 million.

Here's another way to put the weekend endgame in perspective of the final game: From the best weekend in the North American industry to summer 314 million, opening Infinite War Weekly, the film ran long last summer.

Internationally, the film grossed 850 million, making it the biggest weekend ever.